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Account Manager

About the Company

At Waffle, we want to help local offline businesses have a peace of mind on their daily business operations so that they can focus on delivering the best customer experience. We are in over 250 locations across Singapore and Malaysia, working with brands like Bakery Cuisine Group, Kopifellas, Sharetea and more, and have over 200,000 members in our ecosystem!

About the Role

The ideal candidate enjoys interacting with F&B owners, loves food and has high energy! Also, has amazing horsepower to keep going, even when you get 100 "No" in a day :) They should be resourceful, hungry and have an "always be helpful" mindset! We are on a mission to help our local businesses across SEA succeed, and it starts with you (and your smile and energy!)

No prior experience needed, and the job is simple (and fun):

  1. Be resourceful to build a good base of leads within our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to reach out to
  2. Be humble & hungry to reach out to prospects cold to build a friendship
  3. Be helpful and always want the best for merchants when on a demo
  4. Be pleasantly persistent when following up with prospects
  5. Close deals, and make friends with our local merchants
  6. If we don't close a deal, we make sure we learn and make a friend
  7. Be organised, document well
  8. Have fun!


  • Prospecting
  • Close deals
  • Learn


  • Humble and hungry
  • A good communicator
  • Relentlessly resourceful
  • Amazing horsepower to keep pushing
  • Team player!

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