Lee Wee & Brothers + Waffle
5 ways Waffle helped Lee Wee & Brothers improve its business efficiency
“Thanks to Waffle, the team is able to identify customer buying behavior and weak products, improve product offerings and segment data into actionable insights to create marketing campaigns. And the great part of working with Waffle is your response time for tech support and deployment!!”
Darren Lee, New Business & Planning Manager

A little something about Lee Wee & Brothers

Company: Lee Wee & Brothers is a local F&B household name that specializes in local delicacies such as Otah and Nasi Lemak.

Retail concept: Fast Casual

Product used: Waffle Point-of-Sale System

A fan of Otah and Nasi Lemak? Well, we are! And if you’re like us, then you would have heard of Lee Wee & Brothers, a household brand specializing in local dishes Singaporeans grew up with. The brand has grown and expanded considerably since its humble beginnings in 2000 when they were only a food stall along Old Airport Road. Now, it has 8 outlets islandwide which boasts close to 100 different product offerings.

For the brand, the customers are its family. So, providing tip-top customer service is their priority. And to do this, ensuring their business operates efficiently plays a big role. How did Waffle help Lee Wee & Brothers make their business operations more efficient? Let’s find out! 

Reliable and intuitive interface 

Before Waffle, Lee Wee & Brothers was using a POS system that had quite a complex interface. As such, their cashiers sometimes encounter trouble keying in orders from customers. To put it simply, the POS system just wasn’t meeting their needs. Besides, with employees belonging to varying age groups, they require a POS system that is simple enough for all to use.

So when they adopted Waffle, the intuitive interface allowed the brand’s employees to perform order transactions with no trouble! Since Waffle operates on the iOS system, there are also minimal lags on the device, making its usage a seamless process. 

Offline Mode

Waffle functions in offline mode — an essential feature to optimize your business. After all, you never know when the wifi might act up. 

According to Darren Lee, the brand’s New Business & Planning Manager, this is one of his favorite features of Waffle’s. Being in the F&B industry, Lee Wee & Brothers can’t afford to have any of its systems down. Other than giving customers a bad experience, this will also prevent them from optimizing their sales opportunities.

Now, with Waffle, the team doesn’t have to worry about losing out on sales due to a technical glitch, especially during the peak period where time is of the utmost essence! 

Real-time reports

Another one of Darren’s favorite features is how Waffle allows him and his team to access sales data in real-time at just a click of a button. He can choose to see an overview of the brand's performance or filter it according to his preferences. And all these can be done in the comforts of his home!

Thanks to Waffle, he can make data-driven decisions for future strategic planning. His team is also able to understand customers’ tastes and preferences better to guide them in menu engineering.

Cloud-based system

To make things easier for F&B businesses with multiple outlets, Waffle operates on a cloud-based system so that the different POS systems can be easily integrated. 

In other words, Waffle provides a one-stop solution for the management team, making it easier for them to manage the business. With this, accounts reconciliation at the end of the day is much faster since the management team no longer has to do this by physically going down to each store.

This also means that the team can manage the POS systems remotely. Menu offerings of different outlets can be easily changed whenever the team decides that there are modifications to be made, such as price changes.

Speed up the onboarding process

Lastly, Darren noted how much faster it is to onboard new front-of-house employees, no matter young or old. Since Waffle’s interface is intuitive and functions are kept as simple as possible, new staff can learn how to navigate through the system easily, without much fuss!

As an F&B business, Lee Wee & Brothers is no exception to the high turnover rates of the industry. Thus, cutting down the time to train new staff and operating on an uncomplicated POS system can help them save time and money.

Having a simple, yet extensive POS system can work wonders for your business efficiency. And Lee Wee & Brothers is a testament to that! With Waffle, Darren and his team are able to manage the outlets conveniently and optimize their sales through data collected. Find out how your business, too, can stand to benefit from Waffle.

At Waffle, we strive to help local F&B businesses increase their sales through customer engagement. If you would like to hear how we can help your brand, drop us a message and we’ll contact you shortly :)

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