Tea Tree Cafe + Waffle
How Tea Tree Cafe used Waffle to Increase Productivity
"Waffle has made our operations much more efficient. We can make customizable changes across the outlets within a few hours instead of over 1 or more days like we used to do. Both HQ and our store operators on the ground love it!"
Neo Teng Kong, Director

A little something about Tea Tree Cafe

Company: Tea Tree Cafe is a local business that serves premium quality beverages, primarily tea.

Retail concept: Quick Service Kiosks

Product used: Waffle Point-of-Sale System

We all know bubble tea was, and is still, the craze in Singapore. Among the many brands that have popped up over the years is a local brand that has made its mark here in 2009 — Tea Tree Cafe! The company first started the business to provide Singaporeans with tea options that do not compromise on taste. Now with 8 stores islandwide, the brand is proving to be quite successful with hopes to expand even further in the coming years. 

To improve his business operations, Mr. Neo, Director of Tea Tree Cafe, adopted Waffle POS to ensure that his customers’ and employees’ needs are met. By adopting Waffle, productivity has increased significantly for both the management team and store crew. Read on to find out how this was achieved!

Easy access to real-time data

Having previously used a desktop POS system, Mr. Neo found it cumbersome to view the store’s sales statistics remotely as the data could only be accessed via the desktop itself. This outdated system made it difficult for him and his management team to stay updated with the business’ performance. Furthermore, with more than one outlet to look after, the lack of access became less sustainable as the brand expanded. 

Now, with the Waffle POS system, the management team can view the store’s data in real-time. And not only that! They can also access data insights for each outlet from one dashboard instead of having to physically come down to the store to retrieve them, like how they did in the past. This has made it much more convenient for them to keep track of each outlet’s performance.

Organized data insights

For Mr. Neo, his favorite feature of the Waffle POS System is how organized the data collected is. With the reports generated, he is able to see what menu item is a bestseller and which period of the day the store sees the most customers. This helps him make better business decisions to optimize his operations.

Customization of menu in seconds

As with every other F&B brand, coming up with new menu offerings for seasonal promotions is pretty common. This also means that their menu can change quite a fair bit. While using the old system, the process of changing the menu can get tedious since the POS system for each outlet does not share the same database. Each change to the menu had to be executed in each store one by one.

Now, thanks to Waffle, changes in the menu use up 90% less effort from their staff! Waffle POS system provides the brand with a one-stop solution by allowing them to change the menu for ALL outlets in just a few steps. Even better, it takes just one day for the changes to take into effect — a major improvement from the previous system that can sometimes take weeks!

Sleek and intuitive interface

Mr. Neo and his crew loved that the Waffle POS system is much more user-friendly than the previous one they had. The simple and intuitive interface makes it easy for the cashiers to complete a transaction, which makes customers happy too as they get a fuss-free experience. 

Tea Tree Cafe also tends to hire new crew members regularly as most of them are part-timers. Thus, this feature makes training new employees so much easier as they can get the hang of using the POS system faster!

As Tea Tree Cafe continues to grow, ensuring that its operations are optimized while keeping its customers satisfied is important. With Waffle POS, the brand is able to provide its employees with functional and intuitive features that allow them to make the best business decisions and provide their customers with a good experience.

If you are interested in adopting Waffle’s POS system, book a time slot to have a quick chat with us today!

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