How Waffle Helped East Coast Commune Understand Their Customers Better

"Waffle allowed us to finally be able to reward our customers and make them feel special! It's always nice to see their faces light up when redeeming rewards! Thanks to Waffle, our customers now have a much better experience at our cafe and we are able to understand them much more!"


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East Coast Commune
A cozy cafe that serves specialty coffee, quick bites and more to those looking for a space to relax in.
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For Shermien, founder of East Coast Commune, the establishment of the cafe stemmed from her wish to create a homely space for people from all walks of life. Located right at the heart of East Coast Park, you can expect to see families and individuals alike having their meals while enjoying the tranquil surroundings. The cafe offers quick bites, specialty coffee and more, with an amazing space to boost diners’ moods! With their cosy set-up and special dishes, East Coast Commune receives crowds of customers be it on weekends or weekdays. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dine here? Just look at their stylish interior!Find out how Waffle’s speedy and extensive POS system helped East Coast Commune improve its services in a bustling environment!

Seamless and Intuitive UI

The main aim of Waffle’s POS system is to speed up the process at the point of sale. This means providing them with a clean and intuitive UI that allows cashiers to complete a transaction in seconds. With Waffle, East Coast Commune can fully customise its menu layout and organise its interface in the most efficient way. And with just a few taps on the iPad, one will be able to move on quickly to the next customer in line. What’s more, the cafe can bring in more sales thanks to the faster check-outs they’re generating.Moreover, in this line of business, it's just normal to have high turnovers and for crew members to be part-timers. Thus, an intuitive system allows new cashiers (or other members, even) to get onboarded easily and focus on delivering the best customer experience!

Waffle Loyalty

With Waffle’s integrated loyalty program in place, cashiers need not do anything at all to reward customers. Yes, nothing at all. East Coast Commune's customers now easily enter their 8-digit phone number on the customer-facing screen, making it a hassle-free registration process. Waffle Loyalty also helps to build a profile for each customer that can be viewed by the cashier on the POS system. And the highlight of it all - it is also highly customisable and white-labelled as East Coast Commune's very own loyalty system!

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