How Waffle helped Mad Roaster operate more efficiently

“One of the best parts about the Waffle team is the customer experience. They are always a phone call away. There’s never a request too simple or too stupid to call them with. I think it’s the assurance that they’re journeying with you that makes it very easy to work with Waffle.”

Madeline Chan

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Leaving a stable job to start your own business and help those in need is never an easy decision to make. But that’s what the founder of Mad Roaster, Madeline Chan, did anyway when she opened up the coffee and toast stall in 2020. Before Mad Roaster, Madeline was working in Thailand as a lawyer for refugees there. Soon after, she realized that what most of her clients needed weren’t legal services, but rather assistance to earn a livelihood.

So that became the main motivation behind Mad Roaster — to serve as a vehicle to support refugees in need. But having no prior experience in the F&B industry meant that she had to learn the ropes while running her business. With that, Madeline was looking for a partner that she can trust and journey with; to learn and grow together as she scaled her young business!

Find out how Waffle helped Madeline manage her two coffee stalls better!

Simple and intuitive POS interface

This was the primary reason that drove Madeline to adopt Waffle. At Mad Roaster, different part-time volunteers take on the cashier role most of the time. Thus, the simplest and most intuitive interface is needed for them to be efficient. With Waffle, even Mad Roaster’s part-time workers who are unfamiliar with a POS system have no issues taking orders quickly and accurately. And this applies even on the most hectic of days, especially during the peak period!

Madeline also loved how integrated Waffle is with their back-of-house (BOH) printers. This has simplified their order-taking process tremendously! Now, their baristas can focus on brewing the best coffee and the front-of-house (FOH) cashiers can continue delivering the best customer experience!

Ease of menu management

Another aspect of Waffle POS that Madeline really appreciated was how easy it was to manage the menu on the POS. Different variations, discounts, and promotions can be added within seconds! And even better – this can all be done easily in the comforts of her own home, or even on the go using just her mobile phone.

The best part? Mad Roaster can make their POS interface even simpler for their part-time cashiers by tagging the right products to the POS in a specific location. And this can all be done with a simple click of a button! Not only will this allow Madeline to easily manage different menus, but also optimize the accuracy and ease of use of the POS for her staff on the ground!

Ability to make data-driven decisions

When asked about her favorite feature of the Waffle POS, Madeline’s answer was just like most of our other clients — the customizable sales reports. Which is understandable, of course. Who wouldn't want to know what they can do to make their business perform better, right?

These reports provide her with important numbers that can guide her in making the right decisions for Mad Roaster. Be it to reduce the number of staff during a certain period to save costs, or to prepare more menu items because it’s higher in demand. Moreover, it gives her a bird’s eye view of her business as she is able to see how both her outlets are performing.

Great customer service

According to Madeline, one of the best parts about working with the Waffle team is the exceptional customer service that they provide. For her, she feels that the team is always with her throughout the whole process of growing her business, even though they’re not exactly a part of her staff!

She also finds it commendable that the team is very responsive no matter the time of day and will always try their best to help whenever they’re dealing with issues on their end. This assurance makes it easy to work with the Waffle team and is something she truly values, especially when the staff is dealing with customers during the peak period.

Waffle’s customer success team worked closely with Mad Roaster as they sincerely wanted to learn about some of the issues they faced while running the business. Through their insights, new features were introduced and some workflow changes were suggested to boost the efficiency at the outlets!

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