Waffle POS

15 seconds checkout
Real time reports and insights
Multi-location listing management
Flexible item modifiers
Customizable item grid
Offline mode

Waffle CRM

Seamless customer enrollment
Flexible rewards campaigns
Engage automatically
Customer management
Customer loyalty program
Customer insights

Our drinks menu have so many different combinations but Waffle POS' sleek interface is optimized for this, making it easy to navigate when serving our customers. Thanks Waffle for helping us serve more customers in a shorter time!

One of the best parts about the Waffle team is the customer experience. They are always a phone call away. There's never a request too simple or too stupid to call them with. I think it's that assurance that they're journeying with you that makes it very easy to work with Waffle.

Mad Roaster

Waffle allowed us to finally be able to reward our customers and make them feel special! It's always nice to see their faces light up when they see that they have rewards ready to be redeemed. Thanks to Waffle, our customers now have a much better experience at our cafe and we are able to understand them much more!

East Coast Commune